i am the cryptocartographer

Please, by all means, have a look at the collection of useless knick knacks I have built.

The color palette of the Nintendo Entertainment System done in a nice Perl assisted style-sheet.

A simple D20 webpage, with a dumb little Perl randomizer running behind the scenes.

This is the Scott Sharkey Random Insult generator, another silly Perl project. Contains harsh language!

The new cryptocartographer blog, which is on tumblr now because I guess I really am a hipster after all.

A gallery of 1ups from NES games that is a work in progress (and looks like shit).

Speaking of 1up, here's a random image generator with 1up.com as the source.

Another randomizer, because I am a man of simple tastes. This one generates names for JRPGs and is actually just the Sharkey generator with different array values.